Jade Egg Journey!
A 6 week immersion into the magic of your sexuality and wonder of your divine essence.
Enrollment closed
Enrollment currently closed!!!! Stay tuned for the next Jade Egg Journey happening mid 2019!

6 different Jade Egg Practices done virtually and facilitated by me, your Jade Egg Guide-ess.

Increase your capacity for pleasure and come home to your body with the practice of Jade Egg

WHY Jade Egg?
Jade Egg is for you if you are interested in...

feeling more alive in your body and empowered in your sexuality

having a healthy radiant pelvic floor 

healing trauma, shame, hurt or sexual shut down 

feeling more desire for sexual intimacy

waking up parts of your vagina that may be asleep or numb

experiencing more pleasure in your body and deeper intimacy

recovering after having a baby

thinking about having a baby

having orgasms or experiencing different kinds of orgasms

having a greater sense of self love and healing body shame

coming home to yourself in a meaningful and heart centered way 

What will you receive with this offering?

5 different Jade Egg Practices done virtually in circle with other women and facilitated by me, Kristin Wright your Jade Egg Guide-ess.

Explanations and guidance during our calls about the Jade Egg and on the practices we will be doing along with plenty of opportunities for questions to be answered.​​​​​​

Video recordings of each live practice for you to keep.

5 audio recordings (long and short versions) of
each practice for you to use anytime. 

Embodiment practices each week to deepen your experience. further your exploration and support your journey.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​A Full Moon Jade Egg Ritual that comes as a PDF and audio guided practice.

An audio recorded Jade Egg Energetic Orgasmic Delight Practice ​​​​​.
All the information you need on the basics- video recordings on how to care for your jade egg, how to string it, how to insert it as well as a basic Jade Egg practice to get you started.

​​​​​​Recorded guided Pleasure warm ups. Energetic Essentials and a Breast Massage practice.

​​​​​​The magic of sisterhood and having other like minded women to share the journey with.

Accountability from myself and from within the group

​​​​​​Text and email support 5 days a week.
Plus Bonus Sensual Energy Meditation + Release Ritual
Yes sign me up now!
Meet your Jade Egg guide-ess Kristin 
Hi I'm Kristin Wright. I like to think of myself as a nature lovin, spiritual seekin, joy pursuin, magic makin, laughter startin, pleasure maven. 
I signed up for a Jade Egg course with Layla Martin about four years ago on a whim to have more financial abundance in my life. Kind of crazy, I know! But I was desperate to make more money. I felt burnt out, unsatisfied with my job, was sinking deeper into debt and had tried everything, so why not Jade Egg? I was drawn to the idea that being a sexy turned on magnetic woman would help me to harness more abundance in my life. I also wanted a nice tight pussy if I'm being totally honest. Honesty is the best policy right?! Well anyway, what I didn't expect at the time was just how deeply the practice of Jade Egg would influence the trajectory of my life. 
​The Jade Egg was the first tool that really ever connected me to my pussy. Cue the fireworks! Suddenly I had this deeper connection to the wisdom of my body that I had never experienced before in my life. Wow! talk about ah ha moments.  It really opened me up to a whole new world in regards to my sexuality and how I related to my body and once I had had a taste of what was possible there was no going back. So a quest for more knowledge began which eventually lead me to a 600 hr Sex Love Relationship Coaching program through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality where under the careful guidance of my teacher Layla Martin I have been given the wisdom of these practices and embodied them to share with you. It is my passion and absolute pleasure now in life to be able to help women also come alive to the pleasure and wisdom that is within and awaken to their own flavour of sexy empowerment. 
Your 5 Practices

Module 1- The Creatrix of Pleasure.
Pleasure Practice September 9th 2018 7pm PST

On our first call together I will outline the basis of our call structure and we will get settled in with an opening ritual along with some personal inquiry and intention setting exercises to help ensure you get the most of your experience. I will then explain the basics of the Jade Egg and we will get started with a beautiful pleasure filled Jade Egg practice that will be a wonderful introduction to your practice with Jade Egg! We will be kicking things off on the New Moon which is a potent and fertile time to plant the seeds of intention so that you get the most out of your experience with the Jade Egg.

Module 2- Queen of Purification
Deep Healing Practice September 16th 2018 7pm PST

This practice is all about healing and cleansing sexual shame, trauma, pain or hurt. It is a deeply nourishing practice for purifying all aspects of our lives to make way for the greater expression of our true and sovereign selves. Always with greater purification we make room for more pleasure in our lives.

Module 3- Priestess of Power
Power Play Practice September 23rd 2018 7pm PST

Weight lifting for your pussy! This call will be all about how to safely and exquisitely practice the jade egg using weight to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor. Plus it feels pretty dam good too!

Week Off
This week is about integrating your experience and taking some time for yourself. There will be an added practice 'Energetic Orgasmic Delight' which will be available to you at your discretion. 
Module 4- Spirit of the Wild
Wild Child Practice October 8th 2018 7pm PST

This practice is about accessing the wild primal woman within and surrendering! Being able to step into our wild sexual state allows us to experience more sexual freedom and liberation in the bedroom and in our lives. Meow
Module 5- Sorceress of Sexy
Sexy Practice October 14
th 2018 7pm PST 

In our last call together we will explore the sexy side of the jade egg practice to end with you feeling like the sexual goddess that you are ow owwww so luscious. Plus we will have a closing ritual and a chance to really share and celebrate our experiences together before heading out into the world with our new pussys!


What will you need?

A Jade Egg *included in package

Non waxy unflavoured dental floss (can be bought at Pharmacy) or medical grade silk string (less easy to find)

Access to a phone, ipad or computer 

A space where you feel you have your own privacy

1-1.5 hours of your time commited to the call a week plus a minimum of one day of your own personal practice in between calls

An open mind and heart

The Jade Egg Journey opened me up to a deep and profound journey of loving myself from the inside out. Really learning how to tune in and nurture myself. Learning to listen, feel and acknowledge my body, letting go of the disconnect. 
-Jade Egg Student from January 2018
I loved how the course content was simple and easy to follow, when it is such an intricate subject I could see it getting a bit overwhelming, but I never once felt that way. Kristin has a natural way of guiding you through your journey in a soft and loving way. I would sign up again and again!
-Fellow Jade Egger
It allowed me to connect with myself in a way I have never done before, I found it extremely powerful and feel as if I still have a long journey ahead!! It did an amazing job of showing me the way to increased self love and really gave me the tools so I don’t feel lost, I just have to follow the simple practices.
-Fellow Jade Egg Mama
Enjoyed the variety of practices!!!
-Jade Egg student from January 2018

I don't feel comfortable showing myself on video chat do I have to participate?

No, the way Zoom works is that my camera will be the only camera on during our call and if you would like to share or ask questions you can "raise your hand" and I will call on you then to participate but only if you want to. Otherwise you can also ask questions in a Q&A box if you would prefer to stay off camera.

What if I can't make all the calls?

I would encourage you to try your best as it will only help with your own growth on the journey but I can send you a recording of our call for you to watch later if you miss.

Will I be naked, will you be naked?

No, when we are practicing the jade egg on the call you won't be exposed on screen and I will not be naked when I am teaching. I mean of course if you want to be naked all the power to you but the expectation isn't that you will be or that you will be exposed in any way shape or form. And there will still be an opportunity for you to type questions into the Q&A which I can respond to while we are practicing. 

What if I'm on my period?

If you are about to bleed or in the heavy bleeding days of your cycle it is best to not insert the egg at this time but you will still gain benefit from doing the practices without the jade egg in. 

Will I have continual access to the audio recordings?

Yes, the guided audio practices are for you to keep forever. 

Do you have payment plans?

Yes you can pay over a three month period. However if this plan does not work for you please contact me to work out something different. I am happy to try to accommodate so that you don't miss out.
Take it from me 
"The Jade Egg brings back the juicyness of life"

I used to fake a lot of orgasms. I used to sometimes wish my partner would hurry up and cum already so that we could just 'get it over with.' 

I actually never used to think about my own pleasure during sex. It was more about feeling connected to my partner. I mean of course it felt good and I've always enjoyed sex but a part of me also felt like I could be enjoying it a lot more. Something was missing, if you know what I mean?

The Jade Egg has been an amazing tool to help me come home to my body. I actually was so surprised when I started using the Jade Egg as to how numb my pussy actually was or how disconnected I was from this part of my body. It was shocking because I have always been a devotee of personal development and someone I would say had a great connection to their body.
But through the practice of Jade Egg I have been able to feel a lot more in my vagina and that has helped me to experience more pleasure and connection during sex. Not to mention have a greater experience of orgasm. What do I mean by this? Well before the Jade Egg I was really only having clitoral orgasms with a partner or by myself. But through the practice of connecting to the deeper parts of my vagina with the Jade Egg I am now able to feel and experience the depth of my orgasmic capabilities.
​​​​​What's important to note is these capabilities are available to us all and that it isn't necessarily the Jade Egg that is magic. We are magic. The Jade Egg is just the tool to wake us up to the magic within.
So the Jade Egg is the tool that brought more pleasure into my life and in turn more radiance, more wholeness, more personal enjoyment and of course better sex! I was sharing with my partner recently how I want to help women to live a juicy life and he said to me in the kindest of ways that he didn't think anyone would understand what I meant by juicy. But to me juicyness is the experience of the Jade Egg! It helps bring the "juicyness" back into life physically and metaphorically. It is a tool that helps destroy shame, heal trauma, expand pleasure, empower the senses and bring us back to our original sexy wholeness which is our birth right!
The juicyness lives in each of us which is so fucking exciting and is what I am passionate about helping you uncover in your own life!

Sign up before August 25th 2018 to ensure you don't miss out!
Claim your Jade Egg Journey for $450 which includes your 100% genuine natural nephrite Jade Egg shipped to you for free ($70 value)

Also included

Video guides on how to care for your Jade Egg and prepare it for practice

Video and audio guided Basic Jade Egg practice for you to get started with once you receive your egg

Video recorded tips for pleasure warm ups. energetic essentials and a breast massage guide

5 recorded audio practices for you to use anytime (long and short versions)

5 virtual guided practices facilitated by me. Recordings of the practices and Q&A in case you miss

Support, instruction and my expertise to help you with any questions along the way

Audio recorded Full Moon Jade Egg Practice

Audio recorded Energetic Orgasmic Delight Practice

Bonus recordings of a Sensual Energy Meditation that guides you into moving sexual energy throughout your body plus a Release Ritual to help you clear old lovers, past experiences or toxic relationships from your life.

And of course anything else I can cook up that will make this experience the absolute best for you

4 payment options to choose from 
*Please note it is not advisable to practice Jade Egg if you are pregnant! Hope to catch you next time.
Three payments of 
$150 /month
  • Pay a deposit of $150 now to confirm your spot 
    Pay the rest in monthly installments

One payment of 
  • Pay in full *includes your 100% certified genuine nephrite Jade Egg.
I already have a Jade Egg payment 
  • For those of you who already have a Jade Egg at home
Three payments of  *I already have a Jade Egg
$135 /month
  • Payment plan for those with a Jade Egg or Yoni Egg already 
  • Pay $135 now to confirm your spot 
  • Pay the rest in 2 other monthly installments
Register by August 25th if you are ordering a Jade Egg.
Registration closes August 31st/2018
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