1 on 1 coaching sessions in service of reclaiming your sexual sovereignty and ending the cycle of shame and insecurity surrounding your body and [sex] life.
It's time to revolutionize....

I believe there is liberation in and out of the bedroom when you connect to your inherent sexual nature.

I believe there is freedom when you tune in to the truth of who you are. Not who your society tells you to be but the truth that lives deep within, your original essence.

I believe in the magic of your body and the erotic power available to you when you start to tune in and peel back the layers.


I believe that authentic deep self love comes from tapping into your sexual life force energy and feeling your connection to the world around you and your own divinity within.

I believe you are beautiful and whole just as you are and that it's time to burn down the cultural messages that make you feel otherwise.

I believe that every woman is orgasmic in her own way and what the world needs is a redefinition of what orgasm is.

I believe the key to ending body shame, restrictive dieting, excessive exercising, lack of confidence, jealousy and  exhaustion is through the empowerment of your erotic essence.
I believe in a Sex Love Revolution.
You my friend are perfect and whole just as you are.
But chances are you've been bombarded with messages your whole life that have made you feel otherwise.

And I know the struggle all to well.
The struggle of feeling discouraged when you look in the mirror, or feeling low key ashamed of your naked body because it doesn't seem to live up to the standard of beauty, or the struggle of feeling super insecure when it comes to doing the no pants dance off and having those insecurities effect your desire to be intimate and your ability to be orgasmic. 
Dam girl, I know the struggle of feeling like you're ticking all the right boxes in life yet going to bed each night feeling unfulfilled and wondering "there has got to be more to life than this?"

The cultural messaging monster as I like to call it is just that. It's a frigging monster! It haunts our waking moments and our dreams with messages of you aren't pretty enough, you aren't fit enough, you aren'y sexy enough, your sex life is inadequate, you should be doing this instead of that, you aren't doing enough, you will never be enough...

The messages given to us by our society, culture, religion, family, friends, media can over burden our minds with false information around how we should be, act, do in the world. The result is layers upon layers of false identity that prevents us from tuning in to our truth. But your truth I can assure you is the key to living a life of freedom. 

Just think back to when you were a child. What were the messages given to you around masturbation or sex? I know for myself I was told sex was bad, masturbation was dirty and if I wanted to be a good girl I should wait till I'm married to have sex. Fast forward to the years when I became sexually active it was no wonder I felt shame around my naked body or around taking pleasure in sex and it's a real no brainer that I wasn't having orgasms. You know, like the orgasms all the porn stars were having? Gah, insert face palm..... #theculturalmessagingmonsteristheworst
Hi I'm Kristin, monster slayer and guide-ess on the radical journey into sexual revolution
And I want you to know I've been there. Life hasn't always been sexy orgasms and deep self acceptance and in fact sometimes I still struggle.
There was a time though when I really struggled and was wildly insecure in my naked body. I spent a lot of time striving at the gym and with food to attain a type of body that looking back, wasn't even genetically possible for me to have. ​​​​​​
There was also a time when I was wildly insecure in my sexuality and spent a lot of time faking orgasms and pretending I knew what the hell I was doing when really I was just imitating what I had seen through watching porn. I had no idea how to self pleasure or make myself orgasm with my hands and sex certainly wasn't about me. It was something I did to feel connected to my partner and although it was pretty amazing I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I should and I felt broken as a result.
When I began to dive into and heal my own sexuality things started happening. Not only was I having amazing sex and experiencing freedom in the bedroom like never before (which believe me was enough on its own) but I was also experiencing freedom from my body shame, food addictions and self loathing.
I know right, AMAZING!

I felt so passionate about my own journey that I became an Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coach which is a field with only 1% of the top trained coaches in it. I have 600+ hours of training through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality under the guidance and mentorship of the highly magical and highly qualified, Layla Martin..
My greatest desire is in supporting other women (you) in your own journey to reclaiming your sovereign sexual self and erotic essence so that you have the freedom to really love your life in and out of the bedroom.
"On a day where I was feeling extremely depleted, anxious and suffering around so many aspects of my life, Kristin gave me a deeply meaningful session which calmed me and made me feel whole, supported and strong. Her ability to understand and acknowledge how I was feeling was unbelievably comforting and even astounding" - Caroline Diaco
This is the Sex Love Revolution baby, will you join me?
Our 1 on 1 sessions are based around helping you to....
Revolutionize your orgasmic potential by reclaiming your connection to pleasure and to your body, redefining what orgasm is to you and by working through subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and past traumas so that you can start to experience the array of orgasmic potential available to you.
Revolutionize the way you make love by peeling back the layers of shame, insecurity, trauma and negative messaging surrounding your sex life so that you can start having the sex you crave and the confidence to rock it in the bedroom like the wild liberated woman that you are.
Revolutionize the way you view yourself by connecting you to your own divinity so that you can actually experience true deep authentic self love and put an end to body shame once and for all.
Revolutionize the intimate relationships in your life by connecting you to your erotic essence, the truth of who you are so that you can navigate the ups and downs of your relationship with power, ease and grace.
Revolutionize your daily grind by connecting you to your pussy power and to the aliveness within, your life force energy, so that you can start living a life of juicy radiance, divine femininity and sensual flow.
Revolutionize your monthly cycle by connecting back in to your rhythmic cyclical nature and the flow of the moon as it waxes and wanes so that you can glean insight and empowerment into your own emotional and mental state throughout the month.
"Kristin has an array of wisdom and a toolbox full of techniques, talents and traditions that she draws upon to effortlessly shed light, acceptance and strength onto painful situations." - Caroline
As your Sexual Self Love Coach
I work with you to stay on a clear path with your goals and desires by helping you to bring unconscious limiting beliefs to the surface to be integrated and to tune in to conditioned thoughts or beliefs that may be holding you back from your authentic truth.
The tools of my trade are 
rooted in taoist and tantric principles yet anchored in modern psychology and totally customized based on your souls yearnings.

Together we will work through inner child wounding, family dynamics, limiting beliefs, old blueprinting, pain, suffering and feelings of unworthiness or deservingness that are standing in your way. While also working towards empowering you in your sexuality and in the kind of experiences, thoughts and emotions that you need to thrive!
The transformation occurs not from trying to be something different, but by gently removing the blockages, fears and contractions around your sexuality, heart and relationships to reveal the wholeness and health that was always there.

"In a world where telling the raw truth is often misunderstood, hidden from or shunned, Kristin's presence is a gift that lets me know I am not alone and I am not crazy." - Caroline 
3 Transformational Containers To Choose From
A 3 month coaching container with 6 bi-weekly coaching sessions.
Supporting you in remembering your own magic within through self pleasure and embodiment practices. This container of support is designed personally to help you deeply connect and explore your body to feel more pleasure, confidence and desire while helping you to transform and heal blockages that are standing in the way from your true erotic essence and orgasmic potential.
A 5 month mentorship container with 10 bi-weekly coaching sessions.
A deeper dive into your sexual sovereignty and orgasmic potential.
Designed personally to support you in peeling back the layers that are keeping you from your own divine sensual nature and awaken the flow of your own unique erotic essence and flavour of sexuality through self pleasure, embodiment practices and by focusing on your own divine rhythmic and cyclic way of being. Together we will burn down limiting beliefs, unconscious blocks and empower you to feel confident in your body and sexual expression.
The crown jewel of my offerings. A 6 month VIP mentorship container with 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions plus 6 1 on 1 jade egg coaching calls.
Liberated is in total support of your full sexual liberation so that you truly feel like the Sex Queen you were born to be. This is a deep dive and exploration into the messages, blocks and beliefs that are keeping you from your truth. The truth being that you are a divine sexual goddess who deserves to feel alive, sexy, liberated and free. We will work together to uncover the wholeness within through talk coaching, embodiment tools and practices, the art of self pleasure along with aligning to the rhythms of your cyclic nature. The goal is to have you fall in love with your body, sex and life and feel absolutely liberated to live the most authentic and free version of you.
This revolution is for you if....

You are craving better sex and deeper orgasmic experiences or if you've ever faked an orgasm to "just get it over with".
I believe that amazing sex is soul food that has the power to transform your life.

You are feeling shut down and lacking confidence in the bedroom or use alcohol to feel sexual.
I believe that sex is the greatest expression of joy, ecstasy and love and that society has made it mean so many things but that.

You have pain during sex, your pussy feels numb or you feel broken.
I believe we can heal sexual shame, trauma and abuse holistically with conscious loving presence and personal empowerment.

You feel super insecure in your body or cringe at the thought of being naked. 
I believe we each have our own unique flavour of sexy.

You feel like you are just going through the motions in life and desire to step into your bigness and own your gifts as a woman.
I believe the wild, free, ecstatic expression of your sexual self is your birthright.

You feel like the best years of your life are behind you and you long to feel alive, vibrant and turned on.
I believe that the power of pleasure is like pure rocket fuel that has the ability to make you look and feel young, radiant and full of vitality at any age or stage of life.

You have tried everything- self help books, personal development courses, exercise programs, dieting, therapy and feel frustrated with the outcome.
I believe that you are your own best healer and knight(ess) in shining armour. It is my desire as your coach to be the container for your healing and transformative journey within to reveal the wholeness and truth that is waiting for you. It is my belief that lasting healing and transformation is not sourced outside but rather comes from within and it is my greatest desire to empower you in your own healing abilities.​​​​​​

Yes, Yes, Yes I'm ready to claim my sexual sovereignty!
Magic $1200
3 month coaching container to support you on the path to creating more pleasure, passion and desire in your life.
Included in this package:
6 bi-weekly coaching sessions.

Tailor made Home Play exercises to support and integrate your experience.

1 accountability check in per week.

Email and text support 1-2 days a week.

1 Emergency 30 min coaching call if needed.

Jade Egg & Crystal Wand for self exploration.

Pay in full or 3 payments of $400 monthly.
(I am open to discussing payment plan options)
Divine $2000
5 month coaching container to awaken your divine sensual nature and release any limitations standing in the way of your confidence and full sexual expression.
Included in this package:
10 bi-weekly coaching sessions.

Tailor made Home Play exercises to support and integrate your experience.

1 accountability check in per week.

Unlimited email and text support 5 days a week.

2 Emergency 30 min coaching calls if needed.

Jade Egg & Crystal Wand for self exploration.

Pay in full or 5 payments of $400 monthly.
(I am open to discussing payment plan options)
Liberated $3000
A 6 month VIP mentorship container including 12 1 on 1 coaching sessions plus 6 live jade egg sessions personally designed to support you in awakening the sexual goddess within and burn down any blocks that are in the way of your personal liberation so that you can rise up and own your unique sexual flavour with total ease and authenticity. 
Included in this package:​​​​​​​
12 bi-weekly coaching sessions.

6 monthly Jade Egg sessions.

Tailor made Home Play exercises plus rituals to support and integrate your experience.

Accountability check ins during the week.

Unlimited email and text support weekly.

3 Emergency 30 min coaching calls if needed.

Jade Egg & Crystal Wand for self exploration.
Pay in full or 6 payments of $500 monthly.
(I am open to discussing payment plan options)
All coaching containers include...
Bi-weekly 60-90 min 1 on 1 coaching calls done via Skype or Zoom in the comfort of your own home.
Personalized home play exercises which include but are not limited to breath work, meditation, self pleasuring, journaling and embodiment practices to help you integrate our experience together between sessions. 
Accountability check ins weekly to answer any questions and keep you on track to thrive.
Follow up notes from your session if and when applicable.
Plus bonus when you sign up *Jade Egg and Crystal Wand to support you in your sexual exploration!
And any other juicy ideas that come to me in service of your own personal journey and unfolding.
I'm worried I have to be naked for our calls together or that we are going to be doing weird things outside of my comfort zone?
Nope we keep our clothes on:) Our calls are done via Skype or Zoom and are professional and discreet. If you sign up to do the live Jade Egg session with me then you can turn your camera off so that you hear me and see me but I don't see you. We can definitely chat about your concerns before hand during our introductory call after you apply:) 
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes I am willing to discuss with you a payment plan that suits your budget. Your first step would be to apply so that we can chat live about it.
I'm interested but not 100% sure if this is right for me?
I would encourage you to apply so that you and I can have a conversation to get a feel for whether we are a good match to work together. There are no strings attached when you hit the sign up button on this page. In fact I welcome anyone who is curious to have a conversation with me first so that we can get better acquainted and feel if we are a good fit.

Are these the only coaching packages you have on offer?
No I am willing to speak with you about customizing a program based on your own individual needs and desires. To speak more about this please sign up to have an introductory call with me and we can discuss a plan that serves your highest good.
Thank you gorgeous soul for your curious heart and for allowing me the opportunity to share my voice with you.
If you would like to know more or inquire about my offerings please sign up below to book a free introductory call with me xo